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Helping kids build better lives by mentoring/tutoring, after-school programming, individualized intervention, family assistance with examples of the programs which meet the needs.

Communities In Schools offers an individualized approach to help children overcome roadblocks – opening doors that would otherwise be unachievable or unimaginable.
~Phyllis Campbell, CEO (former) Seattle Foundation

Different kids have different needs. Some need academic help; some need a stable home and food on the table, or someone who will listen and help guide the way. Others just need a pair of eyeglasses.

Helping kids move beyond their circumstances requires an individualized approach, not one-size-fits-all. We treat young people as individuals and coordinate support around their specific needs.

Coordinated, individualized approach; it’s what makes us effective.

Our approach to communities is the same – different communities have different needs and priorities. That’s why our services vary. Throughout Hancock County our services are a mix of the following:


*To provide educational programs and support to children age’s birth-5 and their families to promote school readiness.

*Promote academic programs and support to middle school students to ensure a smooth transition to high school and endorse academic success.

For the past 10 years we have been working closely with local Pre-K program and the Ferst Foundation Early Reading program to increase the number of children enrolled in both programs. We recognize early learning is an important factor in determining educational attainment. Children that we have provided free books to through the Ferst program are now those who have shown increases in reading and math skills as indicated on the CRCT. We feel our strategy to promote early learning and increased literacy has a direct correlation to this increase.

Economic Development:

*Provide support to individuals who are not working to prepare them for employment through assisting with job training, job starches and other career program activities.

*Promote family stability and self-sufficiency by developing tourism and agriculture in Hancock County.

Non-academic assistance: Connecting young people with a host of services — healthcare, housing, nutrition — resulting in students more prepared to learn.

One-to-one mentoring: Instilling the confidence to succeed, the belief that education creates opportunity, and setting the expectation for success.

Tutoring and academic support: Increasing academic performance and building confidence.

Family assistance & parent engagement: Ensuring children have a supportive home life, and that parents have access to the services they need.

Out-of-school enrichment & service learning: Strengthening the resiliency of children to succeed by expanding their understanding of what the world has to offer.


FC-CIS welcomes all volunteers. We have many areas in which you can volunteer and help the community.

  • Mentoring

Mentors provide a positive influence, encouragement and hope for young people often surrounded by negative influences. Mentors are asked to spend at least one hour per week with their mentee. A criminal background check is required.

  • Tutoring

Help students in need of extra academic support. Tutors can provide them with the positive reinforcement in an academic area. Tutors are asked to volunteer on an as needed basis usually ranging for 1-2 hour per day 1- 2 times per week. A criminal background check is required.

  • Community Partners

Individuals who work for agencies or businesses can be guest speakers, group facilitators, job shadow sponsors, etc.

  • General Volunteer

We are always in need for volunteers to help with events, special programs, current initiatives or other needs. If you are interested in volunteering for a specific initiative, please complete the registration form provided under whichever current initiative you wish to volunteer.

All volunteers who will work directly with children MUST have a background check before beginning any volunteer work. 

Community members who are interested in volunteering can obtain background checks from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.


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